Welcome to Beyond Beauty Lashes Academy

Eyelash Extensions Professionals can make upwards of $120,000 year!!! Our training allows you to master the art within weeks. No licensing is required to take any of the classes and no prior experience is necessary.  As a bonus, all our students get up to 50% off our supplies shop.

We have two training facilities: Garden Grove and Las Vegas. Below are the classes we currently offer:

1-DAY TRAINING (Classic Lashes) $345
You will receive your own Eyelash Extension Kit valued at $200. Designed to get your feet wet in this industry. A live model will not be required.  You will practice on a mannequin head which will be included in your kit. You will learn the basics and will be able to do a full set of lashes by the end of class.

1-DAY TRAINING XL (Classic Lashes) $695
You will receive a kit valued at $300, allowing you to do up to 50 to 100 clients (enough to generate $5000 to $10,000 in revenue), hands on training with a live model, and a certificate of completion. You will be able to apply lash extensions confidently by the end of the class on a live model (required from you). You will learn different techniques and most importantly how to apply eyelash extensions safely and beautifully!

1-DAY TRAINING (Volume Lashes) $1500
Would you like to increase your revenue by 50% – 100%? Then you should add volume lashes to your offerings. Client retention rates are higher. Inspired by the Russian Volume technique, our course focuses on the fan making. By using a finer diameter lash, we are able to create a 2-6 dimensional fan that weighs less than one classic lash extension. Not only will this protect the natural lash, but give a thicker, fuller lash line. There are multiple ways to create fans, we will show you which works best. Additionally, we will show you methods that will save you time and yet still produce higher revenue. With volume, clients not only see an immediate difference, but feel a difference. Take your services to another level with higher education!

3-DAY TRAINING CLASS (Classic Lashes) $1500
The 3-Day Class includes everything on the Day 1 Training XL. Then on Day 2 (not consecutive, normally 2 – 3 weeks after so that you will have time to practice and have more questions), you will work on mastering Fills. We will focus on speed and technique. Day 3 will cover areas, topics and discuss certain scenarios you will encounter. Again we will focus on increasing your speed and technique. For students that are out of town and want to learn 3 days consecutive, we do offer this as well. Just let us know in advance so that we can adjust the class schedule accordingly.  To signup for a 3-Day training class, you may start on any 1-Day Training XL date.  We will then upgrade your class to the 3-Day.

4-DAY CLASS – (Classic & Volume Lashes) $2795
This option is a 4-Day program and includes everything offered in the 3-Day Class plus we will allocate another day to train you to do Volume Lashes. Most competitors take 2.5 – 3.5 hours to do volume lashes. Imagine cutting that time in half – you would end up making more money per hour and your clients will be happy they don’t have to lay there for long hours. We will cover all the basics of volume lashes and then show you techniques on how to speed up your work. The information and lessons taught are worth its weight in gold. You can easily make back your tuition in no time.  To signup for a 4-Day training class, you may start on any 1-Day Training XL date.  We will then upgrade your class to the 4-Day.

Laws to work as an eyelash extension professional will vary from state to state. In our training class we will cover Nevada and California. We offer assistance on job placement.

To sign up, use the form below. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.