• What are eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash extension is a new procedure that extends the real lash with a new weightless and very natural looking synthetic lash.

  • What is the procedure for putting on eyelash extensions?

    The eyelash extension is applied hair by hair to each of your own lash using a special bonding agent that lasts through the length of your natural growth cycle of each lash, which is between 60 to 100 days. On the average, we apply 80 to 120 lashes to each eye depending on the amount of natural lashes you have. Also, depending on the look you seek, some eyes we apply as high as 150 or more. Competitors normally apply 40 to 60 synthetic lashes and take twice as long to put them on.

  • Are there different types of eyelash extensions?

    There are several different types, curves, thickness, and sizes of eyelash extensions. Although we use Synthetic lashes on most of our procedures, we are proud to offer Mink, Silk, and Volume eyelash extensions for a minimal additional amount. Along with the types of lashes, you can pick different curves, thickness, and sizes.

    See below for what we offer:
    Curves: J, B, C, D (Shapes)
    Thickness: 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30 (in mm)
    Sizes: 8mm to 16mm

    Our technician will go over each type with you prior to your procedure.

  • What is considered a Fill versus a Full Set?

    After several weeks, you lashes may shed at vary degrees. If you have shed less than 50% of your eyelash extensions when you come in for a retouch, then we consider that as refill. However, if more than 50% of your lashes have shed, we will consider that doing a “Fill Plus” and up to a full set of lashes. Pricing will then vary depending on the amount of work needed.

  • Why do I need a Fill (retouch) every few weeks?

    Normally, not all of your eyelashes fall out at the same time. They replenish gradually day by day. You might loose 1 or 2 lashes each day but when your lashes are short, you don’t notice it because they are all pretty much the same length. But when your eyelashes are extended and some lashes fall off, you notice them right away because there is a length difference. Don’t worry, when some lashes fall off, there are plenty of new ones that have come out ready for the our Eyelash Specialist to refill. Some people like the full look all the time and come in every 2 to 3 weeks, some prefer coming in every 4 to 6 weeks. Everyone’s eyelashes are different so they fall out at different times. You can be the judge of when you want to come in for a refill.

  • How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash Extensions are easily maintained. Just don’t rub your eyes too hard when you clean them. Avoid any oil based cleansers, lotion or make-up remover. Gel cleanser is recommended. Use a small Q-tip to carefully clean the eyeliner around the eye. For more information, please read our “After Care Instructions” provided to you at the end of your first visit.

  • Can I use mascara with my eyelash extensions?

    When you use Mascara, it defeats the purpose of having natural looking lash since it clumps together. Waterproof mascara is definitely not recommended because the cleaning agents will loosen the adhesive. If you insist on using mascara, then only use non-waterproof mascara only on the tips of the lashes.

  • Can I use an eyelash curler?

    Eyelash curlers are not recommended because your synthetic lashes already come with a very nice curve to it.

  • Are the eyelash extensions glued to my skin?

    No, the extension lashes are glued onto your existing eyelashes. The synthetic lash nor the glue will never come in contact with your skin.

  • Do you offer sensitive glue for those allergic to latex or fumes from the adhesive?

    Yes, besides our platinum adhesive, we also carry a sensitive adhesive for those that have allergies, easily tear up, or can not handle the fumes. However, with our sensitive adhesive, the trade off is that the extensions will last about half the time compared to our platinum adhesive (1-3 weeks with the sensitive adhesive versus 2-5 weeks) before coming in for a fill.

  • How do you remove the eyelash extensions?

    There are 2 ways:

    A. Come and let us professionally remove them with a special remover by an experience lash technician. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself as it may damage your natural lashes. The adhesive and the remover is very strong.

    B. Let the extension lashes slowly fall out by themselves. Which takes about 4 to 8 weeks

  • What do I do before I come in for my lash appointment?

    Follow the below guidelines to make your application session go smoothly:

    1) Remove all eye makeup and clean your lashes with mild, oil free cleanser.
    2) Do not use oil based makeup removers to clean your lashes prior to the application.
    3) Do not put on any mascara.
    4) Do not curl your eyelashes.
    5) Plan to set aside 1-1/2 to 2 hours for your appointment. Most full set appointments are about 1 to 1 1/2 hour long and fills are about 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

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