The question we get ask the most is: What are eyelash extensions? Is it something like hair extensions?

The answer is: Yes, eyelash extensions are actually like hair extensions but for eyelashes. These eyelash extensions are used to add thickness, length, and fullness to your eyelashes. Eyelash extension application is defined as a technique to create natural looking longer, thicker and bold eyelashes. Eyelashes extensions are made of synthetic fiber polyester thread-like materials. Single stranded eyelash extensions are applied to your individual natural lashes, one at a time. They are not like false eyelashes known as strip lashes where in individual can apply them on themselves. The method is meticulous using medical grade adhesive and takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours by a lash artist depending on various factors like the amount of natural lashes that you have, the types of extensions you want to put on, etc.

There are several types of eyelashes extensions:

Although we use Synthetic lashes on most of our procedures, we are proud to offer Faux Mink lashes and Silk lashes for a minimal additional amount along with Siberian Mink lashes.

Synthetic Lashes:

thicker / courser in appearance and feel
heavier/ denser, adding a more full appearance to the base of eyelashes
synthetic lashes will hold their perfect curve, and create a more uniformed eyelash appearance than their mink counterpart
most affordable

Faux Mink / Silk Lashes:

weightless – thinner and lighter than synthetic eyelashes
shiny and glossy
more natural looking
longer lasting
more affordable than Siberian Mink

Siberian Mink Lashes:

very soft
weightless – thinner and lighter than synthetic and faux mink eyelashes
shiny and glossy
more natural looking
longer lasting
real siberian mink fur

The biggest new thing in eyelash extensions is the Siberian Mink Eyelash explosion. Formerly only used by Hollywood A-listers, this stunning look would cost normally cost thousands of dollars. Siberian Mink lashes are brushed off of live minks, without harming them, and provide a soft and lightweight alternative to normal false eyelashes. These are the most natural-looking eyelashes you can get. They are light, full, and generally regarded as superior to all other lashes. As this treatment is slowly reaching the mainstream market, at most places you can now get it for $300 to $500. Here at Beyond Beauty Lashes, our price for a Siberian Eyelash Extension Set is only $179.

Along with the types of lashes, you can pick different curves, thickness, and sizes.

Lash Curl: J, B, C, D (Curve / Shapes)

Lash Thickness: 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.30 (in mm)

Lash Length: 8mm to 16mm

Our technician will go over each type with you prior to your procedure.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions last up to 4 or 8 weeks before everything falls off. The lasting time depends on the life cycle of your own natural eyelashes or external factors such as your daily life style. For more permanent eyelash extensions, you may need routine touch-ups know as a “fill” every 2 to 5 weeks. So this way you will have long, thick and natural looking eyelashes for a very long time. Of course, these touch-ups should be done by certified and licensed beauty professionals and certified professional artists.

After having your eyelashes extensions applied professionally, your shouldn’t feel any difference. They are resistant to swim or shower. Some of them can last up to two months, if properly applied. However you should not get your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after the application. After the first day, new eyelash extensions will be set, and there will be nothing to worry. However, although eyelashes extensions are resistant to water, water pressure, sauna or steam rooms may damage them. It is recommended to avoid water pressure and not to go to sauna or steam rooms.


We specialize in Eyelash Extension using quality products. Our Eyelash Extensions Specialists are very experienced and highly trained with certified licenses. All of our technicians are either licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists with the state. Our adhesive products are medical grade and odorless. Our lashes are curved and come in different sizes, thicknesses and colors for you to choose from – thin and natural, long and dramatic or thick and lushes.

The whole process of applying eyelash extensions is a relaxing beauty treatment. Some clients even fall asleep during the procedure.